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Development Background

While visiting overseas exhibitions, we came to realize that in overseas there are many experimental paper-type products like ours manufactured and also many corporate manufacturers. When general wood furniture are manufactured and discarded, there are many environmental issues. Thus, considering the recycling and continuity of paper material, we believed that it would be competitive from the environmental perspectives as well.

The existing products in the form of wardrobe cabinet had weaknesses in their small sizes. As such, we focused on large sizes and when we intended to manufacture such large paper products, there were rarely any machinery or personnel that we wanted available in Korea. The Korean processors were focused on packaging boxes for product containers and there was simply no perception that paper materials could themselves be products.

Moreover, there were many entities that approached us half-heartedly and jokingly, questioning how one would be able to manufacture furniture from paper, and they seemed to think that we would meet our limits and give up soon. Most of all, due to their large sizes, we often faced situations in which processing machineries failed to cope with product sizes in each processing step, causing delays in costs and time. After resolving issues in products themselves, we needed to produce packaging boxes that can be transported in courier, and it also took us a lot of time to select the type and form of buffer material to minimize any damages during the transportation process.